Saturday, February 25, 2012


In most ways, I cannot believe Nora is only 3.  How has it only been three short years since she turned our life so much sweeter?  It feels like she has been with us for much longer.  Perhaps it is a sign she is an old soul, so comfortable on this earth.

If she had her druthers, she would subsist only on pasta with Parmesan cheese, yogurt tubes, 'yogurt with a spoon,' and Clif bars.  She wants to be a butterfly when she gets older. 
Or maybe a ballerina. 

She loves me, Papa, Spencer, Dallas and daffodils.  Nora is a gifted storyteller and practices daily...hourly really.  Lately, she has been taking to recording all of her thoughts in little notebooks.  Working carefully at writing, although she is more interested in creating her own symbols. 

Her rainbow party was quite a hit.  She screamed with joy when she saw the decorations.  Rainbow themed food, rainbow aprons with shiny jewels and puff balls, and of course lots and lots of stickers.  It was a strict "only Addies" guest list, with the only exception being Bubbeh.

What a day.  What a kid!