Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Happy When I am Hiking?

Spence loves hiking.

We attempted to do the said activity today, despite our inner voices telling us that this was decidedly a bad idea. The clouds looked ominous. Spence's proclamation of "no rain, mama" did not chase away the dark skies. He also has grown strangely attached to these Dora slippers and happily announced he would wear the girls hiking.

Eight minutes into the car ride to Hyland Park, Spence started freaking out. The snippets of sunlight that were in the sky were daggers in his eyes. His Hot Wheel sunglasses did nothing. Nor did the repeated requests to "just close your eyes." He demanded Nora's nuk.

Dave and I glanced at each other and made a silent pact (silent because we could not talk over the screaming) to continue on. However shortly upon leaving the freeway, the orange cones spelled disaster. I swerved to miss a bike rider and suddenly saw 20 more. We had driven into a bike race. And not just a bike race, a triathlon. The park was closed to the non-racing humans.

We regrouped. We stopped at Target and picked up a nuk. We steered to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Reserve. Most people might think that the low flying planes would be a distraction. In our case, it saved the day.

Shortly into the walk, we stumbled upon a frog....

Then a snail. Then a baby turtle (who apparently was searching for his mama.) Then a grasshopper.

Damn grasshopper.

Upon seeing the grasshopper hop, Spence decided he was no longer a hiker. Rather a boy that would enjoy being held by his mama who was hiking. And he hated animals.

But Nora...Nora loves hiking...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Down By The River

"Ready to go on Spencer's big adventure?" I was cuddling with Spence in his toddler-sized bed with the lights out. The sun had already gone to sleep.

He nodded. "Who should go on this adventure tonight?"


"Can Mama come along?" This was met with ambivalence. I decided not to nose my way in on the fun. "Do you want to go hiking or play at the park?"

"Hiking by the river!" he proclaimed. (I can't lie...I love when Spence picks the outdoor adventures. It foretells a future of forcing Papa to go camping. He will be out voted.)

"So you and Henry hike down to see the Mississippi. Oh wow, Spence! Do you see that? What is it?"

"A boat! A big boat! A big, blue boat!"

"What's it doing?"

"It's coming to us. And a rope! And I pull the rope to get the boat." He starts to pull an imaginary rope. "Oh no!"

"What happened, Spence?" We cuddle in closer.

"Henry fell into the river!"

"Do you want to jump in to get him or do you want me to?"

"Mama does it." So I jump in the water to retrieve a bobbing Henry. Immediately, Henry starts to help out with the ropes and boat. Soon, however it is snack time and the adventure ends.

His eyes are heavy. I give him a kiss and try to creep out of the too small bed without being detected. Good night.