Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fish Ladders

I am trying not to turn this into a dream blog. But, this one was too good to pass up.

Last night, I dreamed that my Dave was on an ecological tour of some rivers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (yes, the Maryland reference did not escape me) with my doula. While there, he decided to deconstruct some old humidifiers and make ladders so that the fish could easily spawn in their desired location. He fashioned some bolt cutters out of regular scissors and proudly pioneered a design that would enable to the fish to jump off at different parts and not feel too constrained. The ladders were actually double ladders...the center part was open and free so that fish could easily maneuver within it all.

I cannot lie. I don't really enjoy being the fish in this scenario. But, the unconscious sense of trust that I feel for Dave is deep and secure. I love that.

Let's just hope that birth is not too imminent.


Papa Bruce said...

Hi Kristy - intriguing dreams, very organic and full of life just like you! We just can't wait to hug little Nora or NJ and welcome him/her into our lives. Love U - Grandma and Grandpa

Emily said...

You really have the most interesting dreams. I think Maryland is calling to you. xo

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....your interpretation is as fascinating as the dream. I really hope Dave needn't act as midwife in the impending birth!

Anonymous said...
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