Saturday, February 9, 2008

Broccoli in Bed

"Quick, get the broccoli."

These are words I didn't expect to hear at 2 in the morning. Not even from my broccoli-obsessed husband. Yet, here they were hanging in the air, expecting a response of some sort.

I figured I had a few options, as I groggily attended to our fourth night-waking event.

A) Scream hysterically at him. "Broccoli? At 2 in the morning? Are you mad?"

B) Roll over and pretend I didn't hear him or the shrieking babe.

C) Dutifully go produce some broccoli for my husband and child.

I attempted all three...the first two to stave off the trek downstairs. But, it eventually became evident that Dave's request for frozen broccoli at now 2:45 a.m. wasn't going away. It seemed as if he believed that this would lessen Spence's teething pain.

The frozen broccoli materialized somehow and was quickly thrown under the bed, where I think it still lives.

Let it be known that broccoli will not be the Windex of this family--it is not a cure all.


Emily said...

if this keeps on, maybe a small mini-freezer for the bedroom?

Anonymous said...

yikes- I admire Dave's faith in the power of the little green trees! Tylenol works wonders for us at 2am when teething....although M has never had 5 teeth coming in at once...perhaps that calls for more complex measures?!

Bruce said...

Oh good new posts! U had been stuck on the Novemeber account of the mouse!! Brave young parents - ask yourselves why our species reproduces at all! Any rational account of the irresistable impusle to parent leaves us adrift. But as I long ago advised David, motivations are arational, means may be somewhat rational. Motor on Tema Snyder!!