Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feel a Little Poke Coming Through...

Okay, grab your calculators. Here's a little math problem to get your minds working.

If two parents have one child with five teeth that are busting through on top (we are too tired to even consider the bottom jaw) and said child wakes up every hour for approximately fifteen minutes, how much sleep is the family getting?

I am lucky that I am still able to string together sentences, let alone figure out the math problem.
Please don't post your answers. I am still attempting to live in denial.

Take note of the pearly white crescents poking through. Pray they make a full appearance soon.


suzz said...

poor little guy! i still remember when my grown up molars came in in second grade. it hurt a lot. and i had ways to express my pain. and poor parents!

Emily said...

think of all the chicken nuggets he could eat with teeth :)