Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gender Predictions: State 'Em.

Barring a Middlesex incident, we are days away (or optimistically hours away???) from welcoming a baby girl or boy. Dave is feeling girl. I am feeling boy. Now is your chance to record your will be reserving your right to say, "I knew it!"


Emily said...

I'm going girl all the way... :) But you know that.

-s- said...

Girl...someone has to take all our clothes!!!

annalise said...

I think boy. Though I have to tell you I am wrong 100% of the time.

Malaika said...

girl- I'd like to buy her princess stuff

maggie said...

I'm opting out. I truly have no sense of what sex this baby will be. I know this baby will be wonderful and will be loved deeply by all of us. That's my only prediction. (I'm a big fan of predictions we have control over and trying to leave gender identity as open as possible for as long as possible.) maggie

rleibel said...

How wonderful to think about this new little one and try and predict what (s)he will be like. And how wise of Maggie to remind us of how we will love him or her.

Let me add a third theme: my hopes.

I hope we all who are part of her family/community will give her the time, the attention, the commitment, the sensitivity to who she is, that will allow her to grow up strong and secure.

I hope we will be able to help create in her a sense of joy at being with her own family, whoever they turn out to be, as well as the ability to turn outward to the wider world and help create it in the image her mother and father have and are helping create.

I hope we can give her roots so that she can take wing.

Anonymous said...