Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Incubating.

In case you feel like the fact that my voicemail box being full is an indication that I gave birth, it is not.

This babe is still high up in my rib cage and delighted to be there.

I am glad that he or she enjoys being in the womb and that I provided a comfy environment for all of these months. But, my mind is rapidly turning into Swiss cheese and I have no desire to work or do a thing. I should really work up until delivery and am feeling stressed that I cannot even put words together any more.

At least the appearance of a babe would let me off the hook for work.


Emily said...

I think growing a baby is excuse enough to not be working at full capacity. Probably a regular day with you is double what a normal person could give. Thinking of you often! xoxo

annalise said...

I'm hoping that this baby makes an appearance soon. I'm sending positive energy your way!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Dave posted something on FB about 'practice contractions picking up', so maybe that's good news?! In any case, there's no way you'll still be pregnant two weeks from the light is definitely shining brightly at the end of the pregnancy tunnel!

Thinking of you (from Sweden!)...

Anonymous said...

I think that those of us who know you can be certain that your voicemail box being full can never be interpreted to mean anything....I'm usually surprised when it's not full and often leave a message, though I never assume you'll actually listen to it : )

suzz said...

but i read that you're in real labor now, so here's to your swiss cheese holes being filled with newborn mama fatique... and lots of luck, and i'm crossing my fingers, which makes it difficult to type.

Papa Bruce said...

You're off the hook and what a gorgeous kid!!! Maybe you hsoudl have 3 or 4 more!!!!!

Papa Bruce