Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unsettled Spence

"I'm worried, Mama."

It was 8:00 p.m. and I was worried too. Worried that his bedtime was coming later and later.

I picked him up and cuddled him in my arms. "What are you thinking about, Spence?"

With that prompt, he pulled out his nuk. His words came quickly one after another.

"Then I couldn't see because it was too dark and I couldn't get out of bed and then Nora was crying and then..."

"To help Nora? Papa is with Nora. She was crying, but she is safe with Papa now. You don't have to worry," I counseled. "Is there anything else you are worried about?"

"And then...and then there was blood and the swing and..."

"Are you thinking about when you fell down at the playground? Are you scared about bonking?"

"Uh huh. And then when Henry was mad about putting his coat on and his papa told him to put his coat on and then...."

I stopped him. "Are you worried about Henry?"

"Uh huh. Henry was really, really frustrated. And then, the cold. It was really, really cold at the Farmer's Market and then..."

And his worries just kept bubbling out one after another and then surfaced again. Things that happened over a week ago made their way back into Spence's brain so he could worry about them. I tried to reassure him that his parents were always right here and loved him deeply. And that sometimes bonks happen, but that his parents will be there to love him up.

I just kept holding him. I ticked his face. He giggled and ticked my face.

Just another one of the countless times in the day that I don't have an answer.


mrotzie said...

I'm glad that Mama giggles and tickles calm the worries. And I'm sorry that the ongoing debacle of Henry and his jacket non-compliance has invaded Spence's psyche.

Anonymous said...

Poor Spence! I'm chalking it up as a sign of his well-functioning long-term memory....probably a good pre-reading skill, no? What do I know?...

suzz said...

oh, i love spencer. he feels things so deeply. you are raising such an empathetic boy! a miracle!

Kathleen said...

sweet boy.
sweet mama.