Monday, January 10, 2011


There is a small band of plastic superheros guarding Spence's door tonight from the dinosaurs with long wiggly arms. The cinnamon spray that those particular dinosaurs are allergic to seemed to be waning in its power. I left him still wide awake cuddling his wobbly gobbly.

I have tried many different approaches to helping Spence with his fears. Encourage him to learn more about the dinosaurs. Asking him to describe them a bit more. Walking him through guided visualizations where he is his own hero. Affirming our love and protection. And yes, using cinnamon spray and toys.

I wish the plastic toys worked for adults. I could line up little plastic dolls outside my own door. Perhaps use a little lavender spray. Or at the very least, my nightmares could be delegated to just my sleeping hours.

My uncle is having surgery on Wednesday. Serious surgery. Hours and hours of surgery.

I don't want to know more. And I don't want to describe my fears to you. I just want to line up toys made in China, spray a little scent, and have all the nightmares go away.

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Papa Bruce said...

Kristy - so sorry aobut your Uncle, let me know if I can help or at least give some information. I remember my own night terrors as a little boy. Odd how 64 yrs later they are still in my gray head! I hid under my sheets, sweating thru everything in the summer Miami heat. No AC then. The sheets were my protection against kidnappers and killers! Little boys can find odd things to fear. Love Papa Bruce