Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the Twos...

All this two year old talk has made me think about my mom. And this picture.  This is her 2 year old birthday.  I wish I knew about her party. Did she sit in her mom's lap, overwhelmed by all of the kids playing with her toys?  Somehow I doubt it.
It's really tough building a bridge from my mom to my children.  I want her to be a part of our lives.  And yet stories of impromptu banana splits and roller skating in the house just falls short.  I only have so many memories and they seem to fade more than I want to admit.  The stories are interrupted with questions about death that I cannot answer.  There is also the inevitable subtext of mom's dying.  Perhaps I am overly zealous, but I worry that they'll worry about me dying.  And I worry about that too.
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Papa Bruce said...

Happy Spring! Two birthdays, two beautiful children, there is life under the snow! Remember to celebrate! Love u Papa Bruce

Annalise said...

love the flurry of new posts. Love you!