Monday, March 12, 2012

There will be fairies tonight.

We tied the muk on the tree for the fairies today.  It had been a long time coming.  There were ample conversations about how the muk was not good for her teeth.  (The threat of braces seems hollow when you are 3.)  We chatted about how muks are very important to babies when they don't have words, but less important when you are able to talk about how you are feeling.  We lured her with promises of chapstick (which she calls "chopstick"). 

She is cuddling 12 tubes of glittery lip gloss tonight.
Growing up can be hard sometimes.


Emily said...

Did it work? Have you read Digging to America? I always remember the scene in that where all the pacifiers are sent away by balloon.

KMS said...

I thought of that book as I was hanging the muk up. Work? The muk is gone and we appeal to the fairies when she cries. The chapstick is probably the best of all. She did smear it all over her hands last night in it is a process.