Monday, April 9, 2012


Neomarxist ignoranus when someone breaks your nose and bashes your head against the pavement is that great bodily harm? Does one have the right to defend themselves or if a "black" person is attacking then that is just what you get for being perceived as "white"?
Does "black" privelege include the right to assault "white" people for looking at them wrong? Does "black" privelege include the right to call RACISM on every event and instance of life?
You are an idiot racialist and if you taught in my school district I would be doing everything in my power to have you fired.

This was a comment I received on my lesson on antioppressive education and Trayvon Martin.

After crying, I saw that this was another great opportunity to discuss resistance in our world.  I don't know this person (or at least I don't think I do), but I can hear how threatened s/he is to transformation of the world.  I know that s/he has yet to read or hear about Freire and the "Pedagogy of the Oppressed."  It is only when the oppressed work with the oppressor that humanity can be assured for us all.

I brought these words into my class so that these future teachers can think through resistance.  How do we respond?  How can we break through the fear?  It was a great conversation, even if every single one of them probably believed that they would not face such resistance where they want to teach. 

It is a call for us all to continue to work with people that resist.  People that feel backed into corners and resist true opportunities for healing transformation.

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Anonymous said...

whoo. wow. okay. now what. amazing you can reframe this as resistance, and good for you that you can keep the dialogue going. it would be easier in the short term to shut down and ignore this comment.
Lynn H.