Friday, May 25, 2012

Maker of Medicines

Every once in a blue moon, there are these moments where I think I can glimpse his future.  He'll turn a particular direction, the light will illuminate his profile and I see a 30 year old in front of me.  Or he'll speak about something and the air switches, it tingles, my arms turn into goose bumps.  Something about it speaks about something beyond.

Spence has been obsessed with making medicines as of late.  His wise and wonderful teacher, Ms. Niky, taught him to make a simple tincture of plantain leaves and oil.  To him, it was magic.  His mouth dropped open and he said, "This is the most wonderful thing I can ever imagine."  She was moved.  He came home and proceeded to practice making medicines for all that needs soothing.

Weeks later, he still talks about the magic of healing.  At the preschool picnic, Ms. Niky pulled me aside to recount the event again.  "I think he might have a gift for herbology."  I told him what she had said.  "Mom, could there be something as wonderful as a job that makes medicines for all sorts of doctors?"  When I remarked yes, his brain started turning.  I could see it through his wide eyes.

The air changed.  Could be nothing, but it certainly was a magnetic moment.

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