Friday, March 7, 2008

Early to Bed...Part II

Benjamin Franklin had it right all of those years ago. I wonder how he would have weighed in on the ol' 'never wake a sleeping babe' advice.

I thought of Ben when I was chopping spinach into teeny tiny pieces to hide in Spence's scrambled eggs. At 4 a.m. He was kicking his little legs and banging a wooden spoon against the tile floor. Bright eyed, he didn't seem to notice that the sun was still hidden from the sky. For many, many more hours.

After a failed dinner at 10:30 p.m. last night and some fitful hours of sleep, the boy made it clear that 4 a.m was breakfast time. A quick game of paper-rock-scissors with my snoring husband sent me down the precarious stairs to try to wrestle up something to toss down the boy's mouth.

At about 7 a.m., I kicked Dave out of bed and snuggled under our down comforter for at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.


Emily said...

I guess this means Spence will be healthy, wealthy and wise?

I hope you get to take a nap this weekend!

Anonymous said...

He's probably just feeling so excited about his birthday coming up....and the new steps....who can rest when there's so much fun going on?!

Bruce said...

Hoo-Ray for young, energetic parents, near comatose, ragged- brained and courageous who put on super Birthday buffets for grandparents and are kind and civil when certain relations arrive early!! You and Dave are wonderful parents and Spencer is certainly a gifted and marvelous child!! Grandpa Bruce