Thursday, March 6, 2008

Steppin' Out

I purposefully left my camera at home. I thought to myself, "Live in the moment. Be there. Not behind the lens."

And I was.

Spence did his tail-wagging super-charged crawl all around the "Habitot," playing close attention to the spinning fish and (always) the window peering at the giant fish hanging from the ceiling. He gave some kisses to the boy in the mirror.

Then we ventured downstairs to the land of the miniature walkers. Kids were darting around in postal uniforms delivering mail. Others were running into the music studio. Spence immediately sensed the "genre" and demanded to rise to two legs. He clung to my hands for dear life as we traversed from the clinic to the world market.

And then we passed the post office box. Spence had one hand on the box and the other wrapped around my fingers. I pried my hand free and backed away. And before he could think, he took two steps towards me.

He walked.

I didn't have my camera, but my sense of absolute awe snapped an indelible image in my mamasoul.


Emily said...

Yay Spence! I can't believe he's walking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Does this mean he has a shot at becoming a pro-athlete?! Walk on little Spence....

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun! Congratulations, Spencer. Welcome to a whole new world.

Kathleen said...

so exciting! yay for both of you!