Monday, March 30, 2009

Tacos & Tofu

Spence's favorite word (right now) is yes.
When we chat about his day at school, it is yes, yes, yes...

"What did you do today?"
He nods.
"Did you go outside?"
"Did you read stories?"
"What did you read about today?"
He nods.

A few days a week, I lug Nora into school to pick up Spence. Today, he spied her, ran up to her carseat and peered in to say hi. We put on his coat, grabbed his nuk (I know, I know) and held hands as we left the door. I took a mental note of the day's events so I could ask about his day.

After both kiddos were secure in the car, I started to engage Spence about his day. He chirped his "yes" for each question. Until I reached the food portion.

"What did you have for lunch today?"
Tacos? Tacos? Did he really just answer my question with actual information?

Where is the line to record that in his baby book?
First time he actually answered a question with events that occurred a few hours prior? Tacos for lunch.

I started cheering. I was just so damn excited. And I am not one to hold back.

After a few more questions that elicited only yes responses, I dared to ask what he'd like for dinner.
Foo-Foo? Foo-Foo? Did he just give me a decoder ring to figure out what he'd actually ingest? The level of excitement was the same as if Ed McMahon had arrived on my doorstep with a giant check.

"Tofu it is." And with that, there was a lot of chanting and song-making (on my part) about tofu until the tofu was served. For the record, he gobbled up five slabs of golden brown tofu.


Maya said...

I think you've got another vegetarian there.

Anonymous said...

Yay Spence! Perhaps more focus on food talk is what Spence is really interested in (who cares about all of those preschool activities when you can talk about tacos and tofu!)?
: )

susan said...

Way to go Spence! Wow, Felix and Spencer seem to be so in sync developmentally when it comes to language!

I talked to Felix on the phone today and asked him what he was eating for lunch, and he said "cous cous". It truly is amazing to see their language skills blossom.

Emily said...

Hooray Spence! Can't wait to chat him up in person :)

Nicola said...

I love this post! I can so relate to that feeling when actual communication has occurred beyond yes and is so rewarding, and so amazing to see more of what is going on inside their heads. They are such fascinating little people, aren't they? I can't wait to know Felix and Spence a year from now - they are going to be talking up a storm and we will barely remember the time when their language was just emerging. I will probably rent an airplane with the words "Go Felix" when he says more than a two word sentence! (though of course I am happy for him to take his own sweet time before he does so)

Greg said...

Tofu tacos?