Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Nora?

I was flying solo tonight. Dave was busy being interviewed by some TV reporter about his anti-foreclosure work and dining out for AIDS and meeting with the Shir Tikvah social action committee and some other activist-y things.

The Spence pick-up did not go smoothly. Nora goat-cried for the 20 minutes it took to get home in the car. (Damn you light at Hiawatha & 26th!) Spence was on the verge of empathy crying. He looked at me with these pitiful eyes that beseeched me to "DO SOMETHING! HELP HER!" I tried not to break into tears myself as I explained that I could do nothing.

To release some of the stress of the car ride, Spence and I went out into the backyard to play a little t-ball and chant "Hey Batter-Batter!" But Nora needed a bit of comfort, snuggled in and wanted to nurse. Spence was left to play t-ball while I chanted "Sssswiiing Batter-Batter!" from the steps.

It got too cold, so we all agreed to go inside. I put Nora on the playmat. Spence and I set out to make a bit of dinner. Nora seemed content, so Spence and I sat down to dinner and chatted about his day. We giggled over milk as we made funny faces at each other. We finished up the meal with a little chocolate pudding. He was pleased with himself that he finished the whole thing.

Instead of watching Calliou (which was not yet on), Spence and I decided we would go make letters with shaving cream in the bath. I carried Nora up in her buzzing white chair as we tried to decide what letters to make. M for mama? P for papa? N for Nora? S for Spence? We decided one of each and an extra M for mama. Nora cooed. We then decided to blow some bubbles. Spence noticed the bubbles that floated up towards the ceiling. "Bubbles high!" he grinned.

He then smiled over at his sister. "For Nora?" I blew bubbles in her direction. She seemed pleasantly confused. Spence, however, was delighted. His smile was electric.

For Nora.


Emily said...

Great story :)

Kathleen said...

i am loving your new life. xo
such sweet posts...even the ones that find you challenged.
you're such a good mama.

annalise said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for home-based activism!

Marie said...

It is funny to me that our kids are so close in age ... Sam is a couple of months older than Nora, and so wants to play with Lou. It is so amazing to watch them giggle and to see Lou try to help her brother and to want to feed him and tickle him.