Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Just when we thought we could name the boy "healed," the phone rang.

Or rather, Dave instant messaged me. "Boy has a rash. I'll meet you at Allison's." I was at work. The third day out of the last eight that I had actually made it into work. I dutifully shut down my computer and hurried out of the building.

By the time I got there, Dave was rocking the boy and he informed me we had a doctor's appointment in 15 minutes. Spence seemed slightly subdued. (Come on, you love that every word in that sentence started with an 's.')

Team Snyder arrived at the Children's Clinic without actually laying an eye on the rash. Dave checked in and I tried to sneak a peak at the rash. I couldn't really see anything. My anxiety started to bubble up as I feared that we had morphed into over-anxious parents. Was there even a rash?

By the time we entered into the exam room, I was convinced it was fine and more focused on not looking like an idiot in front of our beloved Dr. Goel. I undressed Spence. I flitted between wanting to see bright red splotches to justify our third visit to the doctor and hoping his skin was pasty as ever. Small pink spots were visible...almost like an impressionist's rosebud smudges. Perhaps not enough to warrant a trek to the clinic.

Dr. Goel smiled, wrote a note that allowed us to return to daycare and we were on our way. Spence snoozed all the way home.


mrotzie said...

Its crabs! Crabs! Spence has been cheating on Henry and this is the physical manifestation of his sin!

Hee. Can't wait for our playdate tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say that perhaps Team Snyder is contributing more that its fair share to the outrageous healthcare costs in America? So glad Spence is feeling better though!

Anonymous said...

You would not believe how familiar all this seems. Addie's illness started the same day and Monday a week later we were at the doctor. I had the vomit on Thursday. Just when I thought there couldn't be any more laundry. I hope things are better. When you get to those phone calls, I'd love to talk.


Emily said...

Phew. I'm glad that ended as it did. No one likes an unidentified rash. Stay healthy!

suzz said...

see, this is why you need another baby. so next time a pink rash shows up, you go, "oh, it's nothing. i know this." and if it's a girl, you can name her susanne.