Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ouija Magic: Babystyle

Tiffany Wong was one of my best friends in high school. She taught me a trick or two in riding the waves of teenage girl in-fighting, like always make a copy of your notes. A paper trail would provide ample evidence of the insanity of your "friends." Not surprisingly, she didn't do so well in the "Beverly Hills 90210"-esque drama of Acalanes High School in the early nineties. Whereas my family piled on the punishments, hers whisked her away to a new life in Maui at her request. Not for a visit. To live there.

Before she abandoned me, Tiffany introduced me to the magic of the Ouija board. She spun many eerie tales of the truth-revealing power of the Ouija....beloved boys who had routinely ignored us suddenly were revealed to be nurturing hidden crushes on us. I know she would never have moved the little truth-telling gadget. It was magical. I really should get one to aid in my day-to-day decision making.

Which leads me to this new truth-telling gadget...your necklace. I love this stuff. Before I tell you how to do it, you must know that I mostly read the March 2007 birth board as a sociological thing. But, I discovered this little gem and it is all worth my while. Please do this immediately and post your results. It will foretell your offspring.

I made Dave do it too...we are having a boy (Spence)-girl-boy.

Direct from the source (colored text, conversational text and all):

So I want to see if this form of sex prediction works for everyone. So far, it is working for me and a few others that have tried it. I haven't heard anyone say it doesn't work. It will tell you, in order, what sex and how many kids you have had/will have, including miscarriages and deaths.

What you need:

A pendant on a chain(heart, cross, etc)

Two hands

What you do:

Hold the chain with your right hand with the pendant hanging down. Hold it very steady over your left palm. It will start to swing in either a circle or back and forth. Between children, it will come to a stop and start moving again on its own. When it stops completely, it's done. It will even predict future children so don't stop even if you think your done having kids, cuz it might predict differently.

Circular motion means girl.

Back and forth means boy.

What'd you get?


suzz said...

we are having a girl, then a boy. ryan was really excited to do it. heh heh.

suzz said...
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Anonymous said...

Girl, then boy- definitely some oujia psychology involved.

-s- said...

Let's just say that the birth control is never going to stop in my house if this thing is right!! It gave me girl (Eleanor), girl (Abigail), girl, boy, girl, at which point I got freaked out and stopped.