Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I had been struggling and chewing on a paper I have due soon. I couldn't even articulate what I wanted to say. Researching, reading and then researching some more. But last night as I was headed to bed, I had a little light fall into my life. I figured out what I could say and who could help me say it. Gloria Anzaldua.

I rode lightrail with a purpose this morning. Re-reading sections. Dog-earing others. Starting to figure out how this paper might actually get written. Energized, I sneaked out of work a bit early. I made it to the coffee shop and pulled out my computer to work.

I made it. Gloria didn't. She is somewhere riding a lightrail train to the Mall of America. Hopefully, someone will be able to get inspired by her wisdom. It just won't be me.


mrotzie said...

I still have my copy from undergrad. It's in the basement - want it?

Emily said...

And the bad luck fortnight continues (fortnight is two weeks I think?) What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully a change in the tides.

Good luck on the paper!