Saturday, May 31, 2008

Before 9:30

In the pre-Spence days, I would not even have left my bed before 9:30 a.m. on a lazy Saturday morning. These days are quite different. So far this morn, I have...
  • proclaimed, "I am too tired I cannot even form words."
  • pretended that the boy was still asleep and not kicking my rib.
  • consumed large quantities of iced toddy coffee. (Have you not all made the switch?)
  • made pancakes, ate, and kind of cleaned up.
  • fed the boy.
  • made the boy a strawberry shake which he promptly threw on the floor.
  • mopped the kitchen floor.
  • danced with the boy.
  • bathed the boy.
  • listened to the boy say "fish."
  • changed two poopie diapers.
  • vacuumed.
  • mowed the lawn (after 8 a.m., of course).
  • got pooped on by a bird.
  • mopped the bathroom floor.
  • had two relatively lengthy phone conversations.
  • put the boy down for a nap.
  • showered.
  • got dressed.
  • checked my email.
This is more than I accomplished in most weekends before the boy. Kids really kick you into gear. What have you done before 9:30?


Emily said...

Yes, I am so not into gear. But I'm highly impressed by you. :)

suzz said...

i am ashamed to say i did not even get up until 11:00. i've done a bunch since then, but it all started after 11:00. i will email you my list if you want. but it won't be as impressive. go kirsty!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Malaika is keeping us lazy...we all got up at 9am today and may not have actually stepped foot out of bed until 9:30. I guess the trade off for less sleep is all of the great stuff you get to do in the morning!
Fun that Spence can say ´fish´ now!!

-s- said...

Amen, Sister! Our days start around 5:30 or 6, CURSES TO THE SUN,when Abigail repeatedly recites every word she knows in the loudest voice possible.
I feel your pain!

Kathleen said...

omg! i was feeling like a rockstar today myself! i made pesto, washed diapers, mopped the kitchen floor, folded two loads of laundry, changed two poopy diapers (i watch another baby during the week), put them both down for a nap ( i did the above while they napped) and checked my emails. i also peeled beets for roasting later for dinner, and made a banana/p.butter smoothie for lunch!
thank goodness i didn't get pooped on by a bird. yuk!

i often dream about the old days. but i wouldn't change a thing. : )

Anonymous said...

I agree, Oliver has kicked my ass into gear. Weekends used to be sleep -in time, but now I'm lucky if Oliver sleeps until 7pm. I'm amazed at how much Oliver has helped me to multi-task. Phone calls with friends that were often taken while lying on the couch (pre-oliver), now do not happen without simultaneous diaper changing, laundry folding or dishwasher loading. That said, I must say that I more fully appreciate my down time now...when I sit at a coffee shop, alone, the sun shining in on me--precious time really.