Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day.

Today, traditionally, has not been a very good day for me. It's been 21 years since I got to celebrate with my mom. 20 years of terrible, no good, very bad Mothers' Days. With the babylove, Mothers' Day has started to look up.

This one started off rough. Modern Love tortured me a bit. I usually shed a few tears when I read it, but today I was a sprinkler system by paragraph 2.

Red eyed and sniffly, I helped my malformed husband get into the car, while carrying our son and all appropriate baggage. Dave sat down on the kitchen floor yesterday to play with Spence and stood up crooked. Literally. He can no longer walk (really) and sort of shuffles along on his tip toes. There was no "Honey, you sleep in. It's Mothers' Day." Not even a routine day, as Dave is vital to the whole operation. Today was a taste of single motherhood with a hunched husband in tow.

We had a lovely brunch with my mother in law before we set out for Urgent Care. It should have been Fathers' Day. Dave loves the special attention of Urgent Care and it could have been a treat. But, it was decidedly not his day. And this was no treat for me. Spence and I got to spend a few hours destroying Barnes and Noble and pooping a lot (Spence, not me) while Dave waited to be seen.

We picked up his narcotics, drove by the house we're coveting, and headed home. My mother in law made another appearance to spend a little QT with the boy while I took a power nap, grocery shopped and make sloppy joes and kale for dinner.

Every day with Spence is unusually great. Even this one.

It doesn't mean that the hole in me that yearns for my mom is filled. It's as big as ever.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and love the pictures of Spence. The last line of your blog brought tears to my eyes. Happy Mother's Day.What a great mom you are!
imocm(a mom that also loves you)

suzz said...

sorry to sound trite, but that sucks. i mean, the dave as a hunchback on a day already rife with emotional land mines. spencer is adorable, but of course you know that, and how lucky he is to have a sensitive, lovely, wonderful mother like yourself. i hug you electronically.

Emily said...

Beautiful post...hoping Dave is on the mend