Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spence's Words

Truck (although it sounds more like "guk!"), bus, car.
Despite my best efforts, it appears that gender can flex in different ways. For Spence, perhaps its flexing more traditional "boy." For now.

Squirrel. Nice. Sometimes kitty.


Ears, eyes, nose.


He's also shaping up to be quite the listener. (Just like Papa.) When Eleanor started babbling at the pool, Spence turned to her to sign and say "more." She smilingly obliged. Multiple times.

Dave. (Clearly a sign that I need to cut back on my hollering after my husband for this or that...)

And yes, mama and papa.


Emily said...

Yay Spence!

Anonymous said...

Wow- squirrel is really advanced! He might be ready to learn Swedish soon too : )


Kathleen said...

lol. liam's first real word is going to be "sweetie?!!!".

he is such a cutie, your boy.