Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What do you do when you vomit on the street?

Seriously, what is the etiquette? Are you obligated to find a few spare napkins and attempt to sop it up? Or if you were able to aim mostly on the median grassy area, can you feel free to just keep walking?

Let me be clear...I didn't know that I was going to vomit until about 5 seconds before it happened. We were out in a walk in a potential neighborhood that we are scouting for future homeowning. (Great impression, I realize). Far from the car.

I chose to keep walking and prayed that the sullen couple approaching with two miniature poodles were not witnesses to my vomit. Dave supported me. Spence was in the stroller and hardly took note of the tell tale hacking cough.

No, I was not drunk. Just pregnant. Again. And with a vicious case of all day sickness that even medicine cannot totally keep at bay.


SamSeaborn said...

I was prepared to scuffle with the sullen couple if they talked trash to my barfing bride. Lucky for them they kept quiet. -david

suzz said...

PREGNANT AGAIN!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you and Dave and Spence! When are you due?

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, Dave and Spence. Hope the vomiting ceases soon.
Love you.

-s- said...

Just keep walking and don't make eye contact. Oh, and make sure to wipe your lower lip.

Anonymous said...

For some reason this makes me think of some long-ago blog post you did about a man peeing on the grass! :)

Emily said...

I think vomiting in public is all en vogue right now with the celebrity moms. It's like, "look, she eats cereal, she walks the dog...she throws up while walking with husband and baby #1." You're just keeping up with the rich and famous :)

Kathleen said...

i LOVE the title to the post that announces your pregnancy. hee!

congratulations, lovely mama.
so exciting!!!!!

i hope you feel better and that ice-cream-days/daze are around the corner.