Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yesterday, I introduced BBQ sauce to the boy.

It's my #1 favorite condiment of all times. Truly, my only condiment of choice. Unless chocolate sauce counts. Any son of mine has got to dig the stuff. I have fantastic memories of my mom and I making ribs and drenching them in the heavenly sauce. We could replicate...except for the ribs part.

I carefully cut up his boiled tofu pup and squirted a bit of KC's Masterpiece into one portion of his plate. I then modeled how the tastiness is done. He looked skeptical.

I dipped for him and handed the pup part. Normally, it is deadly to make eye contact with the boy while eating or hand any food directly to him. It will promptly end up on the floor for later hoovering. This time, the novelty of the dipping won him over.

He crinkled his nose. Shook his head. Then tried it himself. The tofu pup was scarfed with ample BBQ sauce in a matter of minutes.

Soon he was pointing to the Craisins. Then the watermelon. He dipped them in the ambrosia like a champ.

Like mama, like son.


Anonymous said...

A fabulous idea to entice the boy to eat. Your post brings back the memory of how much Kevin loved to dip his food at about that same age. He adorably called it "b-dipping" for some unknown reason.

suzz said...

ha! i love this image! i'm thinking about coming out to visit you guys in the late spring, perhaps? when are you coming to reno, hey?

Kathleen said...

dippage is the way to go to get kids to eat!
wondertime magazine just did an article about it not too long ago...last month?

and. um. where is the illustration for this post?
i want to see a photo!!!! c'mon....

it was great to run into you at the market, btw. you and your boy are both gorgeous! xo

Marie said...

My little lass loves to dip... and loves hummus and guacamole, two yummy healthy things to dip in!