Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Saturday Night...

So lately, my husband and I have been sitting on our rust colored couch, side by side, and instant messaging. We flirt. We discuss the declining state of our garden. We chat about our future. And listen to the sound of the ocean. (Our son, already resisting being a Minnesotan, requires the sounds of the ocean to drift asleep.) Typing a way, our elbows brushing in a very Victorian way. Here's a snippet from our conversation tonight...

: Hi honey
What should I call my blog?
Dave: hmmm, that's a good question, pussycat.
8:56 PM ?
me: Nope. No drama.
Dave: MizWardn'Spence
Lil'Spence's Mama
Reading Rhizomes
me: Nope. I am not only defined by Spence.
8:57 PM Reading Rhizomes is funny...a take off of reading rainbow.
Dave: I know, I know... that's why I'm working on the reading angle
me: Clever.
Should I really get that stuff at Old Navy?
Dave: Oooh, I could rename mine "Gunslinger Papa" after the Stephen King series
8:58 PM me: I really, really like the Bone to be wild sleeper.
Yup. Except aren't you anti-gun?
Dave: Yes.
Whatever, I'll stick with rhizomes for the moment.

I used to have another blog, the blog that will not be named. I'll try to be more faithful to this new one. I think the new coffee maker that I got...the
best coffee maker in the world...will certainly aid in my dedication. More (oh, lots and lots more) to follow on my new pal.

Right now, my dear hubby is anxiously instant messaging me to help him figure out how to post a picture. Off to rescue...

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