Sunday, September 9, 2007

Moving to the Country, Gonna Eat alotta Peaches?

Apparently, Spence is a city boy.

As of right now, he will eat no peaches. Nor avocados. Nor bananas.
He'll grab at food. He'll open his mouth wide in expectation of a tasty morsel. But, if the food touches his lips, he winces, shakes his head and seems to exclaim, 'Damn, mom. What are you trying to do to a son?"

I was not excited to serve the boy food. Other mothers told me stories of how fun it was to watch their little one sample the fruits of our world. Try all different exotic foods and wait for the reaction. Not me. I mashed up the avocado and mixed in the breast milk under duress.

I didn't want him to grow up so quickly. Whenever we cross the threshold of our home, I am guaranteed to hear "Enjoy it! They grow up so quickly" usually accompanied with a wistful sigh. I take it seriously. Even though Spence will be six months on Saturday, I am already wistful.

There are already so many things that he's left behind....the turtle yawn, the relaxing "ahh" after the sneeze.... I breathe in every moment and don't want to exhale. It's hard to hold in my head all the minute details that I never want to forget. Each day, the list gets longer.

Here's to sweet potatoes on Wednesday...

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