Monday, September 10, 2007

Eternal Moment

Spence and I headed off to our very first ECFE (Early Childhood, Family Education) class...we were both ECFE virgins. Not really sure what to expect.

I plopped Spence down on the mat and he stared at the other kiddos as Daniel's dad videotaped the whole thing. I didn't know that cameras were expected. I briefly thought about whipping out my cell phone to document the event ala Dave and the Japanese tourists in botanical gardens, but I decided to lay low. I could always ask Daniel's dad to email me the footage.

Renee, our teacher (and I lose that term loosely), attempted to get our attention. We mostly ignored her. But, she passed out a laminated card with some questions and gave up any hope of getting us to move to find a partner. We half-heartedly made our way through the list.

"What's the favorite moment of your day?" Maisi's mom (they are still debating the spelling...she's 6 months old) asked. 'Just one?' I thought.

Maybe the morning...when Spence starts to squeak. When he lures us to play, lifting the foggy veil that still hangs over our eyes. Or maybe the moments before his morning nap, when he snuggles in and nurses like a spring pig. our play time...when we belt out his fave "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" and he kicks his feet with delight. Or actually, it is baby massage time. I squirt the jasmine-scented oil into my hands and let him take it in. His eyes light up and his limbs start moving at hyper-speed in anticipation.

Define moment...can it be 24 hours?

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