Sunday, September 16, 2007

Be Well, Martin.

"Probably he'll need a heart transplant," I said and nodded quietly into the phone.

I had yet to speak to Anastasia.
When you live more than 4,000 miles away (4261 miles to be exact) from one of your best friends, you often engage in the camp game "telephone" and creative 'truth-telling' to fill in the gaps of her life. Anastasia's partner got sick this last week. Really sick. The kind of sick that you should be delivering meals, doing laundry and entertaining the divine Ms. Malaika.

But, the 4000+ miles leaves you a bit impotent. And scared.

So, here is my virtual version of sweet potato burritos:

At the wonders (and minutiae) of this world.
Respects all creatures (except maybe the Pope) and
Treasures his beloved(s).
Insists on reading obscure
Neurology studies while sucking down coffee.

Be well, Martin. Be well.

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Emily said...

May I echo this many times over.