Monday, October 15, 2007


Tonight, bath time took an interesting turn. Somewhere between the bellowing of "Splish Splash" (me) and adoring the rubber ducky (Spence), Spence started sucking on the side of the plastic bath tub. Gnawing more like it. After visions of drowning plodded through my head, I redirected. He nibbled on the washcloth. Something was amiss. After a little investigation, I found 'em.

Teeth. Maybe two.

Little Bugger wouldn't let me near them. I could feel them, but he wouldn't let me see them. He sucked on his bottom lip. Stuck out his tongue. Turned his head. Chomped on his hand.

I kept pushing my fingers in his mouth and feeling around. I was dying to see them. Still am.

Stubborn kiddo. Just like his mom.

(Happy 7 months!)


Emily said...

Happy 7 month birthday Spence! Celebrate and cut some teeth!

Kathleen said...

congrats, spence!
happy birthday to you and yer ma!

Anonymous said...

hooray! now he can eat some corn on the cob, and other tooth requiring foods! hooray!