Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Product of My Addiction

It's not sex.
It's the baby food.

I am addicted to making baby food. In my freezer, I currently have 14 ziplock bags of food, each with an average of 12 portions. From apples to zucchini. All carefully labeled and frozen into little ice cubes, which are ready to serve at a moments notice.

I have a whole mantra that plays in my head as I am steaming the latest organic veggie that I picked up on sale at the co-op. 'It's social action against commercialism!' I tell myself. A rebellion against multinational corporations that try to tell us that food in a jar is superior to what I can cook. It is a statement for the earth. Organic foods will help make the earth safe for all of us. It is a move that will ensure that Spence is introduced to and loves a wide assortment of foods.

In the 15 minutes it takes to throw together some pluot puree, I have fostered more than just a sense of quick accomplishment. I have convinced myself that I am saving the world.

And my reward?


Emily said...

I love the photo with the zip loc bags. He's getting so big! He's a little boy instead of a baby!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you took me back 32 years. That is just what my freezer looked like then. So glad you are giving Spence the best. He is so very cute and handsome.(He looks so much like you) I sure do wish you lived closer! Sending you lots of love

Kathleen said...

you crack me up.
the second photo is hilarious!

what do you use to puree' the food?