Monday, January 19, 2009

Brooke Shields

On the surface, it might appear that I don't have a lot in common with Brooke Shields. And for the most part, you'd be right.

There is the obvious...I have not appeared nude in a movie. Indeed, I have not appeared in any movie. Nor have I starred in a TV show.

I did not attend an Ivy League university, but a Jesuit one. I did not major in French literature, but squeezed out a double major in history and philosophy.

Whereas nothing came between her and her Calvin Kleins, mostly the price and my predilection for shopping at Target come between me and any pair of Calvins.

You might think that she outshines me.
But, I one-upped her.
Always the over-achiever, I got my postpartum depression early.

My hormones have taken me for a ride this pregnancy. Not a pleasant one. My midwife assures me that this is normal...1 in 5 women do experience depression during pregnancy. In most cases, it doesn't mean that postpartum depression is imminent. Usually, depression just works itself out as the new babylove exits the birth canal.

Just like Brooke, I want you to know it happens. And that is why I haven't returned your calls in weeks and weeks.

Please don't go all Tom Cruise on my tail.


Anonymous said...

There are worse people to have similarities to than Brooke. Maybe the depression will lift at 12 EST today with the birthing of a new presidential era. If not, mid-Feb is not so far away at all!

Emily said...

You really are in the home stretch. I can't imagine bitter cold and ice helps much either. But GB has flown back to Texas...there is hope abounding!!!

Kathleen said...

what they said.

xo love atcha'.

suzz said...

love love love to my favorite jesuit educated lady! (even though christian brothers are better...!) xoxoxo

annalise said...

Hang in there!


annalise said...

I tried the veggie loaf and we all loved it! Thanks for pushing me to hold onto my resolution too!

Papa Bruce said...

Hugs and love - depression is a tough beast - get the help you need. Luv PapaBruce

Papa Bruce said...

I, Barbara logged in under Bruce. I'm not sure how I log in under my email which is I'm thinking of you and honestly, truely let me know what I can do to help.
Love you, Barbara