Sunday, January 11, 2009

Under (Name) Pressure

I have one son. His name is Spencer Emmanuel.

Yet, I have had more than one dream where his name is Andy. Andy wasn't even on the short list of names. Heck, it wasn't even on the long list of names. Yet, it is the name that comes out of my lips when I see my son.

Name remorse?

Perhaps. But, my waking self is quite content with his name. Early on, there was a bit of me that wished we had used his Hebrew name (Lior) for his English name, but whatever. It was a fleeting thought.

But with this babe in the womb, the name pressure is on. We don't know the gender of this kiddo. I am feeling boy. Dave is feeling girl. We have decided this will (most likely) be the our last kid. So, I am feeling like this is my chance to name my child after my mom.

Norma Jean.

If it is a girl, we'll probably name her Nora. I don't think I could deal with the same name. Too close. But, Nora is a nice compromise. There are other options as well, but Nora seems the clear front runner. I am not so concerned about the middle name for some reason. We have a few ideas, but I guess because I am feeling boy, I am not so worried.

But, the flood gates of worry burst open when I think of boy names. Norman is out. Who wants a son to one day experience the glory of the sitcom Cheers throughout his life? And yes, while a beloved cousin pointed out that old names are coming back, Norman will not be included in our family tree. Because the closest name to Norma is ruled out, I have settled on the idea that the boy will share her initials...either N.J. or the inverted J.N.

Nash? Nolan? Nuri? Neville? Noah?
Josiah? Jasper? Jeremiah? Jericho?

We could also do place names. Emory was the street I grew on. But, is that really a tribute? Or we could go with the meaning of Norma. "North man; Norseman." Yeah, right.

My dear husband is not worried. (Again, he's feeling girl.) But, I am. We have sat in front of the gazillion of baby name websites culling through J and N names. Trying to put them together. It's not really gelling.

"We'll figure it out when 'he's' here."

Yes, I am sure the fact that we have no names even written down on a list will make name picking postpartum so easy.

So before we hire a baby name consultant, I turn to you. Ideas?


mrotzie said...

Navin Johnson.

Emily said...

For N's, i really like Noah. I was just thinking the other day that i like Jonah for J's. Is that too biblical? I guess they don't really go together either. You could go with numbers: "Jeremiah Nine." Ooh, how about Noah Jack?

Jess said...

I found a couple..

Nadav Hebrew- means generous

Nahman Hebrew- comforter

Naor Hebrew- enlightened

Nathanial Hebrew- gift of God

Nazim Arabic- one who organizes!

-s- said...

We call Eleanor "Nora" sometimes. Natalie Jane? Nora Jo? What about another tribute and naming her something with Marilyn or Monroe or even something that means "mother?" What about going backwards and doing JN? Jane Norma? Or for a boy, Jacob Nathanial? I really like Noah Jack, too. Or Jack Noah. I just love the name Jack. Chris would say Henry, but man, Jack is way better.

-s- said...

FYI-Dmitri means Earth Mother and Maya may mean mother...the meaning is uncertain, but they think it means mother.

Emily said...

I like Noah too...I just wish you could block out the image of Noah the cat. I also like Jacob, but maybe I've been reading to much Twillight :)

Anonymous said...

I've already gone through the Swedish name calendar to no avail (though I do like Jasper/Jesper). And Noah Jack might be my fav of those suggested here. (unless Noah Jazz is an option).

Anonymous said...

i have three Noah's at my preschool, and i know of about six little brothers too young for preschool with the same name. I like it, but so does everyone.

Nathan is good, and it's my favorite cousin. ahem. plus, you can call him nate or natey when he's lilttle, and then nathan when he grows up. nathan james? james seems like a good middle name.

i love nora. i hope she's a girl.


Margaret said...

How about Nathaniel Jacob, or Jacob Nathaniel? Nick was supposed to be a Nathaniel, but then he came out looking like a Nick. Well, there you go, what about Nikolas? It is too bad you are not in Sweden where you have 6 months to think about this...

Anonymous said...

I vote for Nolan Jazz if it's a boy, and Nora Jean if it's a girl.

Kathleen said...

how 'bout nigel?
nigel james.

i like nash, too.

and nate. nate is good.

sigh...good luck, sister.

Nicola said...

I love the name Jasper, so that's my vote. How about Jasper Nathanial? As for girls, I think Nora is a beautiful name. If you didn't want to use Jean, you could always go with Jane. That is my middle name.

KMHieta said...

I always like Jeremiah (especially with the nickname of "Jem"--what better for a new babe).

I like a lot of the names on here. Also, since I always liked Jonah, I like the name of my co-workers son, which is Jorah. It is hebrew, but not sure of the meaning.

I do like Noah Jazz! When's that baby coming?

Amy said...

I am way late to the game, just having been reminded of your blog by your valentine's card, but (1) if you haven't had and named the baby; and (2) are still looking for boy names, I thought I'd toss Roan or Roman (which are an anagrams for Nora or Norma). I know they don't begin with N, but as an English teacher, I thought you might think it was cool?