Saturday, January 31, 2009


If I could stay up any later, I would. I want to welcome in February with eyes wide open. Toast to the month with a glass of red, red wine that our new baby will be born.

Due month is here.

The kiddo is doing a twist and shout in my womb to celebrate. The midwife predicted that this kid will be about 8 pounds. Or rather is now about 8 pounds. (As if they know these things.) But, the kid is dancing away, swaying from the right to the left side of my belly and jumping up and down on my bladder for good measure.
We are looking at 18 days until d-day. I am just hoping to keep the kid in until then. We have a serious to-do list staring at us in the face.


annalise said...

I am so proud of you Kristy. 5 posts this first month of your resolution. I look forward to many more this year!

Any luck with the name search for that dancing baby?

Emily said...

I wish I could come help on the to-do list! Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Happy February! I'd love to hear about the to-do list....maybe your next post?

Anonymous said...

well, maybe you have an olympic medal gymnast in there. or just a squirmer. good luck on your t do list-- may the baby come out just as soon as you're ready!


Anonymous said...

The waiting part is tough when you're big and uncomfortable, but it's nice to get the things done before the baby arrives.