Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank you, Annalise.

For better or worse, Annalise strongly suggested that I pick up the blog again in 2009. So, here goes a quick post, just to squeak out some of the rust in my knuckles.

My husband is walking around in his underwear that I think he has had since we started dating and a wool hat. I know that he has lots of theories about how simply wearing a hat keeps you warm, but I don't think a hat overrides wearing pants. But, what do I know? He also didn't bring a winter coat to our New Year's Eve festivities in Duluth. Do I need to mention that we haven't hit freezing since early December? And that we are pretty darn conservative with the heat register? (And that we do not have curtains in a majority of our windows?)

And I am full of baby. I discovered a new stretch mark today that dangles from my flattening belly button. If the baby arrives on time, I still have seven weeks to work on a symmetrical stretch marks to create a sun around my belly button. Wish me luck. Maybe I will just get a tattoo to make me look like a bad ass mom and disguise the marks.

Alrighty, here's to brand new posts in 2009.


Emily said...

Hooray for the blog resurgence? Now when is Annalise going to start her own blog?! Can you blog about friends who nag friends to blog but don't blog themselves? Also, when are we going to have another playdate? We should do it before the new babe arrives. Thursday?

Emily said...

Hooray! I'm super excited to see the blog is back up. I was certainly not expecting that! :)

Kathleen said...

emily and i were JUST talking about you the other day and i was saying how much i missed your blog.
so YAY, i say!
yay that you are back.
yay that you are full o' baby.

and. btw. you are a badass mama, with or without a tattoo.

good to see you back here, sister.

Nicola said...

Yay Kristy's blog! It popped up on my google reader and I was so excited! You are an awesome person and an amazing blogger. I hope to see more of you in 2009 and especially can't wait to see that big belly o' yours. Say hey to Spence from Felix!

annalise said...

I am so happy you started to follow through on your GREAT resolution. I will continue to nag because clearly you blog well!

I can verify that he did live in this ridiculously cold state as a child but clearly some brain cells may have frozen off in his refusal to wear a coat in Duluth on New Years.

Bronwyn said...

Hooray! I was excited when Annalise told me about your (sort of involuntary) new year's resolution. I look forward to keeping up with you. We think of you guys often...that was your plan in giving us the diaper champ, right? Say hi to Dave, Spence and the babe in belly.

Papa Bruce said...

Were they boxers? Papa Bruce

suzz said...

yay, new blog posts!!! hi kristy, i miss you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Annalise! Maybe those iron pills are helping?!